When a woman is having difficulty getting pregnant, fear, stress, and uncertainty are inevitable and she can begin to wonder if and when she will ever conceive. This can often lead her to believe that “something is wrong with her” when many times the right knowledge about her body may be all she needs to become pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

By understanding how to create a healthy environment for conception, a woman can substantially increase her likelihood of getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term – with optimal health throughout pregnancy and delivery for both mother and child.

Ruthie Harper MD, specializes in using integrative, holistic and natural fertility treatments to help women get pregnant, especially those who are having difficulty achieving or maintaining a pregnancy. She focuses on diet, lifestyle, mindfulness and stress reduction, and hormonal balance, while teaching women their body’s fertility signs that can be used to determine when conception is most likely to occur.

Dr. Harper provides patients who are struggling with infertility with scientifically developed health protocols that transcend the temporary fixes offered by pharmaceuticals or other traditional medical treatments. Instead she utilizes innovative modalities that focus on nutrition, supplements, lifestyle changes, bioidentical hormones, and other methods of rebalancing the body to naturally facilitate conception.

If you have tried to become pregnant without success, Dr. Harper opens her practice doors to you with compassion, and more than twenty years of natural fertility experience. Discover your personal path to total health, wellness and balance. Through the science of personalized integrative medicine she can help you become pregnant and achieve your dream of growing your family.